Of all the emerging crypto companies, they all share the goal of mass crypto adoption. The communities, sub-communities, and some “crypto stars” aren’t making it easy for the masses to grasp the concepts of Blockchain.

When it comes to Community Marketing, the objective is to create awareness and brand visibility for a brand. We achieve that through interacting with the diverse crypto community through both proactive and reactive engagement and being on top of emerging trends in the crypto world and social media, for the ultimate goal of strategically developing a reputation for ourselves in the crypto world.

A Breakdown of The Current Crypto Communities

From what…

The Creator Economy is growing, but how does that reflect on crypto and its communities?

I recently created an assessment for a Blockchain-focused company about influencer & community marketing in the crypto world, and decided to publish it for everyone to learn.

Objectives, Initiatives & Goals

The objective of both influencer & community marketing for most crypto companies is to educate people about the new internet, and create awareness about Blockchain technology and the decentralized web.

For influencer marketing, this would be done by hand-picking and working with digital creators and influencers to really tell an authentic story, and eventually develop a relationship with…

I thought the only risk of moving to a Covid hotspot was the virus, I didn’t know it meant finding myself in social isolation in what would have otherwise been a Los Angeles filled with Saudis. So I decided to utilize my network in a way I never did: asking them to connect me with Saudis in LA, as friends, to just hang out and such. The attempt initially failed, as most Saudis already fled LA and most of the U.S. back in May. Days went on: apartment, internship, and social hunting. I didn’t have much luck with the first…

Aziz Alangari

TW @azizangari

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